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Xhandu is a multi-user, realtime, interactive co-computing tool. It allows any user (or group of users) anywhere in the world to share browsers, applications, and files, all at the same time.


With a one-click install, you can invite your friends and see their cursors as they join. You can create custom groups with any collection of users, or fly solo.

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Realtime markup with saved images. Realtime chat with saved conversations. Realtime app sharing with full multi-party control. Realtime file sharing with group uploads/downloads.


The technology that drives Xhandu come from IMI Innovations, Inc. We believe in REALTIME. No waiting is our goal: no waiting for responses, no waiting for uploads, no waiting for chat. All made possible with Xhandu.


Xhandu enables you to connect in every way with groups of people from around the planet -- from the smallest, most intimate groups to the largest.

Once you are in a session, you'll be online in the Xhandu environment with an array of buttons to engage in many different interactions.

You can try out all the buttons or invite people to the session. Just click the INVITE button and invite any number of Xhandu friends.


All of the features, including screen sharing, file sharing, and bookmarking, are fully available for 30 days.

For a Standard monthly subscription ($9.99), you will be able to continue using all these great features after your free 30 days are up.

If you decide not to subscribe, you will still be able to create sessions and invite other users to these sessions. And you will always have free co-browsing, chat, and markup.

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